Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What are “Heat & Eat” Schlumpia®?  “Heat & Eat” Schlumpia®  are already cooked, and come frozen along with instructions on how to reheat in a conventional or toaster oven. Check out our Heat & Eat menu.
  2. Can Uncle Larry cater my party or event? Sure!  Just give him a call at (908) 938-3722 to plan your catering needs.  He’ll deliver ready to eat Schlumpia® with paired dipping sauces for your guests to enjoy.
  3. How do I cook frozen Schlumpia®?  Basically, you will keep the Schlumpia frozen until placing them into a preheated oven, cook them as per the included instructions and flip them halfway through. Blot them on paper towels and serve.  Potato-Onion and Kasha Schlumpia® could use a sprinkle of sea salt.
  4. How do I order Schlumpia® and how much do they cost?  Vist our Order page.
  5. How long will Schlumpia last in my freezer? Schlumpia® come frozen and vacuum sealed for freshness.  They can stay frozen up to one year, but I bet you won’t be able to wait that long without heating them up and eating them.  If you don’t make an entire package, you can keep the remaining Schlumpia® frozen in a zip-loc bag.
  6. Are Schlumpia® kosher?  Schlumpia® are kosher-style.  Schlumpia® do not contain meat from forbidden animals (pork/shellfish) and do not contain both meat and dairy.
  7. What makes Schlumpia®  so special?  All Schlumpia® are hand-crafted in a commercial kitchen, using the freshest and the highest quality ingredients available and never contain any preservatives or fillers (just fillings).
  8. Can I have Uncle Larry attend a Schlumpia® party at my home or office? You’ll have to ask him, but he’ll probably say, “Sure!”.
  9. Are there any other varieties of Schlumpia®?  Yes, from time to time, there will be seasonal items, and new menu items.  If you have a request, just let us know.
  10. How else can I try Schlumpia® without having to ordering a whole tray? From time to time, Uncle Larry’s Schlumpia® are featured at festivals, fairs and farmers markets.  They are also available in scheduled pop-up restaurants in various locations in NJ, NY and PA.  Locations will be posted on this website.
  11. Is there an Uncle Larry’s Schlumpia® food truck? Not at this time, but perhaps in the future.
  12. Is Uncle Larry really an uncle?  Uncle Larry is not an uncle, but the term “uncle” is used as a sign of respect in Filipino culture.
  13.  How can I provide Uncle Larry’s Schlumpia® with feedback or ideas? Just send him an email.
  14. How can I invest in Uncle Larry’s Schlumpia®?  Please make checks payable to Schlumpia, LLC.