It’s not a party without Schlumpia®

Entertaining is easy when you have a supply of Uncle Larry’s Schlumpia® in your freezer.  Just heat and serve.  Our premium spring rolls are delicious, unique, and allow you to spend more time with your guests.

Our wide variety of Schlumpia® are bite-sized (maybe 2 bites).  They’re great for appetizers, snacks, sides, and desserts.  They pair well with wine, beer, cocktails or just a can of Dr. Brown’s black cherry soda.

Guests are sure to enjoy our premium Jewish-inspired ingredients served up in a delicate and crispy lumpia wrapper.  All of our Schlumpia® are kosher-style, and many varieties are vegan.  Get your party playlist cranking and have fun!!!

Our most popular party favorites are Potato-Onion, Brisket, Pastrami, Cocktail Franks, and Apple StrudelOrder some for your next celebration or just keep some on hand for a late night snack or quick family meal.