Lumpia Schlumpia®

Uncle Larry’s Schlumpia® now has a new variety:  Lumpia Schumpia®!  I wanted to include a traditional style Filipino lumpia on the menu since this is what initially sparked the creation of Schlumpia® in the first place.   I was told that if a non-Filipino is going to make Filipino lumpia, they need to be the best.  I’m not brash enough to say these are the best, but I do think they’re pretty darn good and I can’t wait to have you taste them.
You may be asking yourself, “Are these Lumpia Schlumpia® Jewish-inspired like the rest of Uncle Larry’s offerings?”  Well, we are using beef instead of pork, you’ll want to dip twice just like during Passover and the chef, Uncle Larry was Bar-Mitzvahed so yeah, they’re Jewish-inspired Lumpia Schlumpia®.
Like all Schlumpia®, we start with the finest ingredients.  Regular ground beef isn’t going to cut it here.  We use a  mix of ground chuck, brisket and short ribs from well respected IMG_4429butcher & meat purveyor, Pat LaFrieda (who supplies quality meat to  many of NYC’s top restaurants).  We then add organic multi-colored carrots, cabbage, bean sprouts, green beans, onions, scallions, and garlic.
When I had my first lumpia years ago, it was the dipping sauce that really brought them to life.  Many people use a sweet & sour dipping sauce for traditional lumpia,  but I’m using a soy/vinegar-based sauceIMG_4432 with crushed garlic and copious amounts of course freshly ground organic black pepper. You can either dip these in the sauce, or cut them in half and pour some sauce right on them.  Watch out; they’re addicting.

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