Salmon Latke Schlumpia®


Whenever we visited our grandparents in Brooklyn, my grandmother would serve us salmon latkes (salmon croquettes), creamed corn and chocolate pudding.  We liked them so much that she made it for us every time we visited.  I set out to recreate this delicious meal in Schlumpia form.


I didn’t want to stray too far from her recipe, but wanted to gussie it up a bit to make it as healthy and nutritious as possible.  This was quite apropos as Grandma’s name was Gussie.  I used canned Alaskan wild red salmon. It’s high in omega 3’s especially when I use all the skin, bones and liquid.  It is way healthier than KFC, but you’ll still be able to say, “I ate the bones”.  I used a few cage-free organic egg whites and organic 9 grain bread to bind, added some chopped onions and parsley and pan-seared them in extra virgin olive oil.

They can be served up 2 different ways:

  1. Rolled in a lumpia wrapper and flash fried and served hot
  2. Stuffed into an open ended Schlumpia (think cannoli) and served cold


Both are great with some arugula, and a lemon Dijon aoilli.  The flavor of this dipping sauce compliments the salmon latkes and the lemon juice literally cuts the mustard.

These Schlumpia are perfect for vegetarians, make a nice Lenten snack, or a nice taste treat for book club especially if you’re reading something from Salman Rushdie.