You can help make May 24th be National Schlumpia® Day!!!

A grassroots effort has begun to officially mark May 24th as National Schlumpia® Day. We’re not just talking about 5/24/2017, but May 24th in perpetuity!!!

The day is prominently listed in  Wikipedia under their “list of food days” and will share the day with “National Escargot Day” (we’re not shellfish selfish).  In order for it to become official,  we’ll need at least 500 members in the Make 5/24 National Schlumpia Day Facebook Group that was set up for this important initiative.  Once that’s acheived, our country’s lawmakers will be contacted to help formally make this hapen.   If you haven’t joined the group please do, so our shared wish can become a reality.  At the time this article was written, there were 160 members, so we really need your help!!!


Special thanks to David Hellman, Integrative health coash, nutrition troubleshooter, high tech entrepreneur and childhoold friend of Uncle Larry for spearheading this important iniative and movement forward.



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