Rob Schneider signs on as Schlumpia®’s new celebrity spokesperson!

Rob SchneiderJust like Uncle Larry’s Schlumpia®, famed actor Rob Schneider is  part Jewish, part Filipino.  Who would be better as the new spokesperson for the Schlumpia® brand?   Well actually I guess Pheobe Cates  (of Fast Times at Ridgemont High fame) might be even more of a Jewlipino coup, but her people weren’t as eager (desperate) as Rob’s in responding to my inquiries.

Phoebe CatesDid Uncle Larry really get Rob Schneider on board?  Well, maybe I’m embellishing just a wee bit.  I did recently meet Rob and did tell him about Schlumpia® and he seemed quite interested.  He loved the concept and told me his wife loves lumpia.  I took this to assume he and his family would certainly love Schlumpia® and he would of course want to be the official Uncle Larry’s Schlumpia® spokesperson or business partner is the growing trend of celebrity restaurants.  If you have Michael Jordan’s  The Steakhouse, Sam Hagar’s Cabo Wabo,  Robert De Niro’s Nobu, Jon Bon Jovi’s Soul Kitchen,  Mark Wahlberg’s Wahlburger, then why not Rob Schneider’s Schlumpia®?  Well I gave him my business card, so the ball’s in his court.  Hope to hear from you soon Rob!

PS – Check out his show “Real Rob” on Netflix – It’s a very funny show and I’m not saying this just because there is a chance (albeit minuscule) that he will be joining the Schlumpia® movement.