Spicy Tuna-a gateway Schlumpia®


Today I tried to make a DIY version of tuna spring rolls I enjoyed recently at Buddakan in Atlantic City.  Crispy spring rolls were filled with perfectly spiced tuna tartare.  The challenge was how to fry an empty lumpia and then fill it with the cold tuna mixture.  If I fried them pre-filled, they’d become hot tuna, which may make for some decent music, but not the recipe I was trying to replicate.

The solution was repurposing a tool used to make cannoli.  I wrapped lumpiaIMG_2038 wrappers around metal molds that traditionally hold cannoli dough.  After frying them and letting them cool, I just slid the empty crispy spring rolls right off the molds.

I filled them with my tuna tartare mixture and my family and I quickly devoured them.

That’s when I realized that these were gateway Schlumpia® that would enable many new varieties suited perfectly for those Jewish inspired fillings that aren’t best  served piping hot, delivered in a crispy lumpia wrapper.   I will soon work on some new Schlumpia® varieties: chopped liver, whitefish salad, Israeli salad and even lox & cream cheese.  Stay tuned.



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