Specials & Beans

When I was a kid we frequently visited our grandparents in Brooklyn, NY.  We’d occasionally eat at one of the many kosher delis near Ocean Parkway and Coney Island Avenue.  deliThey had the usual New York deli fare suspects; corned beef, pastrami and chopped liver as well as a few  lesser known items; kishka, tongue, and an interesting item usually found right under “frankfurters and beans”, called “specials”.  Specials were like hot dogs on steroids; much thicker and maybe just a tad spicier.  I wanted to transform/deconstruct this menu item into a Schlumpia®.

I did some research, and “specialsIMG_1469” are really knockwurst.  I was able to find Hebrew National knockwurst at my local grocery store along with  a few cans of the baked beans that lined the walls at all the Jewish delis; Heinz vegetarian. I had to also pick up some sauerkraut and a some good brown deli mustard (none of that ridiculous neon yellow stuff for this recipe)

I decided to grill them first to give them some smoky flavor and the always IMG_1472important grill marks.  Once they cooled down, they were sliced, and rolled up along with some baked beans and sauerkraut into some lumpia wrappers, fried in peanut oil and served with mustard completing their transformation into “special & beans” Schlumpia®.

I made a few customizations to ensure all palettes would be happy.  I made some that only contained the grilled “specials”; the Schlumpia® equivalent of “pigs in a blanket” and another variety with just beans and kraut for the vegetarian/vegan crowd.

Of course tcelrayhe drink of choice to accompany these “Specials & Beans” Schlumpia® would be a bottle of Dr. Brown’s CEL-RAY tonic, because who wouldn’t IMG_1490want to wash this down with a soda that tastes just like celery?